Annotated Bibliography Week 11

Ertmer, P., Richardson, J., Belland, B., Camin, D., Connolly, P., Coulthard, G., Lei, K., Mong, C. (2007). Using Peer Feedback to Enhance the Quality of Student Online Postings: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 12(2), 412-433. In this article, the authors used a case study analysis as their method for investigating the effects of peer feedbackContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 11”

Annotated Bibliography Week 8

Picciano, A., Seaman, J., Shea, P., and Swan, K. Examining the Extent and Nature of Online Learning in American K–12 Education: The Research Initiatives of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Internet and Higher Education, 15: 127–135 (2012). In this article, the authors further break down and discuss the results of significant studies conducted from 2005-2010 by theContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 8”

EDU 800 Annotated Bibliography Week 4

Ross, S., Morrison, G., Lowther, D. (2010). Educational technology research past and present: Balancing rigor and relevance to impact school learning. Contemporary Educational Technology, 1(1), 17-25. In this article, the authors discuss the importance of shifting the focus of research in educational technology as the use of technology in K-12 education continues to grow. They advocate forContinue reading “EDU 800 Annotated Bibliography Week 4”

EdU 800 Annotated Bibliography Week 3

Salomon, G., & Perkins, D. (2005). Do technologies make us smarter? Intellectual amplification with, of and through technology. In R. J. Sternberg, & D. D. Preiss (Eds). Intelligence and technology: The impact of tools on the nature and development of human abilities (pp. 71-86). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. In this article, the authors discuss the effects of cognitiveContinue reading “EdU 800 Annotated Bibliography Week 3”

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