Annotated Bibliography Weeks 15/16

Ok, M. W. (2018). Use of iPads as Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities. TechTrends, 62(1), 95–102. Ok’s article discusses the evolvement of assistive technology (AT) in recent years in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Specifically, the article details the recent use of iPads as AT devices for students withContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Weeks 15/16”

Annotated Bibliography Week 14

Meluso, A., Zheng, M., Spires, H., & Lester, J. (2012). Enhancing 5th graders’ science content knowledge and self-efficacy through game-based learning. Computers and Education, 59(2),497-504. In this article, the authors discuss their research study that investigated the effects of collaborative and single player game conditions on science learning content as well as science self-efficacy for a groupContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 14”

Annotated Bibliography Week 14

Dede, C. (2011). Developing a research agenda for educational games and simulations. Computer games and instruction, pp. 233-250. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. In this blog article, the author describes and her five personal assumptions relating to research agendas for educational gaming and simulations (usable knowledge, collective research, what works, treatment effects, and scalability). She notes theContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 14”

Annotated Bibliography Week 13

Greenhow, C. (2011). Youth, learning and social media. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 45(2),139-146. In this journal article, the author discussed the uses for and the impact of social media on both formal and informal learning for youth. The introduction is built through discussion of the growth of social networking sites and the different platforms available atContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 13”

Annotated Bibliography Week 11

Ertmer, P., Richardson, J., Belland, B., Camin, D., Connolly, P., Coulthard, G., Lei, K., Mong, C. (2007). Using Peer Feedback to Enhance the Quality of Student Online Postings: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 12(2), 412-433. In this article, the authors used a case study analysis as their method for investigating the effects of peer feedbackContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 11”

Annotated Bibliography Week 8

Picciano, A., Seaman, J., Shea, P., and Swan, K. Examining the Extent and Nature of Online Learning in American K–12 Education: The Research Initiatives of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Internet and Higher Education, 15: 127–135 (2012). In this article, the authors further break down and discuss the results of significant studies conducted from 2005-2010 by theContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 8”

Annotated Bibliography Week 7

Niess, M., van Zee, E., & Gillow-Wiles, H. (2011). Knowledge growth in teaching mathematics/science with spreadsheets: Moving PCK to TPACK through online professional development. Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 27(2), 42–52. Niess, van Zee, and Gillow-Wiles sough to expand upon the TPACK construct by exploring how an online course could impact teachers’ levels within TPACK. TheseContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 7”

Annotated Bibliography Week 6- 2

Shelton, C.C., Warren, A.E. & Archambault, L.M. Exploring the Use of Interactive Digital Storytelling Video: Promoting Student Engagement and Learning in a University Hybrid Course. TechTrends 60, 465–474 (2016). In this article, Shelton, Warren, and Archambault discuss the purpose, methods, results, and limitations of their study concerning the use of interactive digital storytelling in a hybrid courseContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 6- 2”

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