Tech Tool Review: Co-Writer

Writing skills have been demonstrated as an important element, and even predictor, of academic success for students (Torrance, 2007). Unfortunately, students with disabilities and challenges in the area of written expression find writing tasks to be extremely frustrating due to the increased cognitive load that many students with learning disabilities experience during the writing processContinue reading “Tech Tool Review: Co-Writer”

Tech Tool Intro: Co-Writer

Co-Writer is both an iOS app and web extension tool that is one of the multiple educational technology products available from Don Johnson Inc. Co-Writer utilizes word prediction and speech recognition capabilities in order to assist students with writing difficulties as well as decoding difficulties (Ok, 2018). Co-Writer is available as an iPad app, aContinue reading “Tech Tool Intro: Co-Writer”

Tech Tool Review: Voice Dream Reader

As educational technology has expanded in recent years with greater access to more powerful forms of technology, the options for assistive technology programs and tools for students with special needs have also multiplied (Perelmutter et al., 2017). These options have seen even greater increase with the integration of the iPad into many classroom settings. ResearchContinue reading “Tech Tool Review: Voice Dream Reader”

Tech Tool Intro: Voice Dream Reader

The tech tool I’d like to share about this week is one that is often used as an assistive technology app for those with special needs. Voice Dream Reader is one of a few assistive tech apps available from the creator, Voice Dream LLC. The basic function of the app is text to speech, alongContinue reading “Tech Tool Intro: Voice Dream Reader”

Annotated Bibliography Weeks 15/16

Ok, M. W. (2018). Use of iPads as Assistive Technology for Students with Disabilities. TechTrends, 62(1), 95–102. Ok’s article discusses the evolvement of assistive technology (AT) in recent years in order to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Specifically, the article details the recent use of iPads as AT devices for students withContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Weeks 15/16”

Annotated Bibliography Week 14

Meluso, A., Zheng, M., Spires, H., & Lester, J. (2012). Enhancing 5th graders’ science content knowledge and self-efficacy through game-based learning. Computers and Education, 59(2),497-504. In this article, the authors discuss their research study that investigated the effects of collaborative and single player game conditions on science learning content as well as science self-efficacy for a groupContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 14”

Annotated Bibliography Week 14

Dede, C. (2011). Developing a research agenda for educational games and simulations. Computer games and instruction, pp. 233-250. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. In this blog article, the author describes and her five personal assumptions relating to research agendas for educational gaming and simulations (usable knowledge, collective research, what works, treatment effects, and scalability). She notes theContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 14”

Annotated Bibliography Week 13

Greenhow, C. (2011). Youth, learning and social media. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 45(2),139-146. In this journal article, the author discussed the uses for and the impact of social media on both formal and informal learning for youth. The introduction is built through discussion of the growth of social networking sites and the different platforms available atContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 13”

Annotated Bibliography Week 12

Carter, E., Williams, J., Hodgins, D., & Lehman, L. (2014). Are Children with Autism More Responsive to Animated Characters? A Study of Interactions with Humans and Human-Controlled Avatars. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 44(10), 2475-2485. In this article, the authors used four conditions to observe and compare the responsiveness of twelve children (ages 4 toContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Week 12”

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